Acrylic Box 2 Preserved Roses Passion Red


Also available in the following colors Baby Pink, Hot Pink, Royal Blue, White, and Mint

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Elegance and sophistication are the first things that come to mind when looking at these arrangements. Filled with beautiful perfectly placed preserved roses, these clear decorative boxes are ideal for any occasion. From weddings to birthdays, to even a normal day. Yes! They are that versatile, thanks to its minimalistic design and colors that fit with any environment and mood. This piece of art will be a great gift for a special someone, a friend, or even for yourself. Order yours and make somebody’s day 100x better! It contains:
Lovely preserved roses of a great variety of colors, that can last up to a year without water! (And with proper maintenance)
A secret compartment that can work as a jewel box, a safe, or whatever you decide to use it for.
Pearls, fabric ribbons, and other tasteful accessories