About Our Flowers

1Cut Daily
We deliver the world's most beautiful roses from Fair-Trade farms in Ecuador. Our roses will always be cut on the day of shipping, We guarantee freshness and a long vase life.

Wonders To Choose From

1So Many Varieties To Choose From
Ecuador USA Roses prides itself in delivering not only the most beautiful fresh rose colors, red, yellow, white, pink and more, but also a wide and unique variety of colors including tinted roses of any color combination.

Taking Care of Your Roses

How to take care of your delicate Ecuador premium roses from Ecuador USA Roses:
  • UNBOX FLOWERS: Unsecure your flowers from the bottom of the box. Remove the protective wrapping. Note: Our flowers travel in bud form or closed!
  • CUT THE STEMS: Measure your stems to the height of your vase and then trim them all evenly so they fit. To help your flowers draw water, cut each stem at a 45-degree angle.
  • CHANGE THE WATER: Make sure you add flower food and change your water every 2 days. Also, keep your flowers out of direct sunlight
  • Out of Stock

    1Out of Stock
    If we are Out of Stock on an item, you have the option to request an alternative variety of rose or cancel your order. In the event of cancellation your credit card will be credited and reflected on your statement within 7 to 10 days.

    Damaged Goods

    1Damaged Goods
    Ecuador USA Roses' products are shipped with a 100% quality guarantee. Claims must be presented to Ecuador USA Roses within 24 hours after receit of the order. Claims must be emailed to: info@ecuadorusaroses.com. Your email must include pictures in order to properly assess the problem. Exclusions to this guarantee include, but are not limited to, damage due to transit problems or weather conditions, Saturday shipments, shipper exclusions, or 2nd day arrivals being requested by the customer.

    We are only responsible for deliveries by UPS or FedEx that are unable to provide, "Proof Of Delivery" via their website and your tracking number.

    Your Privacy

    1Your Privacy
    Ecuador USA Roses values customer relationships. We will not share your personal information. The collection of customer information is used only to keep you informed about our products and services.

    Our Company

    1Environmentally Friendly and Community Conscious
    The employees of the farm are our greatest asset. Our farms not only grow the most beautiful roses in the world. They are conscious of the Ecuador's environment and the well being of their employees.