Do I need to sign for my flowers?

No, we don’t require a signature for delivery. But we highly recommend that you have a neighbor or friend accept your shipment, bring it indoors, and get your flowers into water ASAP! Flowers are living creatures that need lots of love and care. Ecuador USA Roses will not be responsible for your flowers if you do not give them the care.

I opened the box and the flowers look floppy. What do I do?

Your flowers were sent to you in a semi-dormant state from the farm. They need to be woken up with a good, long drink of water and time to recover from their journey.  Here’s what you do:

  • Unpack your flowers right away, trim the bottom of the stems about 1/4 inch, and put the flowers into a clean bucket with cold tap water.
  • Give your flowers a few hours to relax and bloom. Most flowers perk up in about 2 – 3 hours. You might also need to remove some outer petals (which may look damaged or wrinkled – they’re there to protect the flower).
  • If you’re still concerned after a few hours, e-mail us at info@ecuadorusaroses.com
    Important: If you contact us, please be ready to share photos of your flowers with our team, and have your order number close at hand, so we can expedite help.