Best way to get the absolute freshest flowers

By far buying floral product farm direct is ultimately the best way to get the absolute freshest flowers you can for you to work with, and that your customers will enjoy for the longest time possible. The only way to get fresher floral product is to buy as much as you can from your local growers. However, as we all know depending on where you are located in the country, and what season it is. Buying locally grown floral product just is not always possible.

So no matter where your flowers have come from, no matter what the season, whether local or imported. The biggest thing that determines the overall quality and longevity of cut flowers is proper care and handling.

Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of the best way to treat your farm direct flowers with the best possible care and handling.

Buying flowers farm direct and how you care for them is a little bit different than when you buy a product from your wholesale house or flower market. The most important first step is getting your fresh product to “Wake Up”. This is a very important first step and one that when you do buy at your local wholesaler or flower market it’s already been done.

When you do receive your farm direct product. First thing first is to get those boxes open and do a quick inspection to make sure you got what you ordered. Don’t worry about un-bunching anything, or taking the sleaves off, any of the flowers. The next t step is to get your buckets of water ready. Fill your buckets with room temp to slightly warmer water with a good quality floral preservative. You want a good quantity of water in all your buckets, approximately a quarter to half full.

Now it’s time to get all your flowers into that water and get them to wake up. For best results do not un-bunch anything, do not take sleaves off of anything, don’t worry about taking any foliage off anything. All your product has been in a box for a few days, in cold storage during transport, and not in the water. Your flowers are going to be weak, and some things might even be a bit limp. Don’t worry they’re asleep and that’s why this first step is important. At this wake-up stage, all you want to worry about is giving a fresh clean angled cut to all your product and immediately get it into the water. Once all your product is in water leave it out, do not put it in the cooler. Leave all the product out so it can drink for at least a couple of hours. After your flowers have been allowed to drink for at least a couple of hours. Now you can either start your next step of processing. Or if time allows you can put everything in your cooler overnight to continue to hydrate and firm up.

Once you’ve gotten your flowers through this first “Wake-Up” step. Now you can finish the processing and hydration process with step two. Now is your chance to un-sleave, un-bunch everything, go over every stem, and strip foliage that would be under the water in your storage containers. This is your chance to really look and inspect the quality of all your product. You also now need to get all your clean buckets and storage containers filled with fresh room temp to slightly warmer water with preservatives. Again you now need to re-cut all the stems with a good clean angled cut (preferably with your sharp knife or shears if you prefer) and immediately into water. Once again it will be best to allow the flowers to drink for an hour or two for the best vase life. Now you’re ready to display, work with, and ultimately sell your great fresh farm-direct floral product. If you are needing your product for a special event or project, there may be some additional steps to get your blooms to the ultimate stage you need them, and the most picture-perfect.

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