The New World Of Farm Direct Roses To Our Clients In The USA

Ecuador USA Roses is changing the way clients in the United States are purchasing and receiving the world's most premium roses. Hugh Prather an ex-pat from the United States, now living in Ecuador for 6 years, and Rosalba Ruiz his wife from Catamayo, Ecuador started their business, Ecuador USA Roses in Cuenca, Ecuador March 2017. Seeing a need for promoting and shipping premium roses from the rose capital of the world, Ecuador, Hugh and Rosalba have partnered with 7 premium rose farms and 1 tropical floral farm to bring the "ultimate floral symbol of love", roses and other florals direct from the farm to their individual customers in the United States. Reducing the need for middlemen, wholesalers, and warehousing.

Ecuador's Premium Rose Farmers

Our farm partners, all with many years of growers experience embraced our decision to offer Ecuador's premier roses direct to your loved ones and friends in the USA. Our roses are cut fresh on the day they are to be shipped and go directly to FedEx or UPS Global at the Quito International Airport for immediate delivery to our customers who we refer to as ("Friends of USA Roses") in the USA. Four day delivery from Ecuador. We ensure our roses freshness upon delivery through care in a climate-controlled environment from post-harvest, flight to delivery. Sourcing our roses directly from our farms means we offer a fair price per rose to the farmers and in turn an extremely discounted price to you. Roses are some of the most delicate and time-sensitive perishable products a company can handle. The more times they are touched, stored and moved, the more they are negatively affected. The normal life of a rose is short. By cutting out the middle steps our client receives roses that have only been touched by the farm ensuring a long vase life after you have received them.

Celebrating our third year in operation, we realized the necessity to crystallize what our company represents. It's mission, values and social responsibilities. We hope you will take a moment to read about our mission, dreams, and joy for all.

Our Mission:

To deliver, "Cheers, Love, and Dazzle", to each and every one of our customers.

Our Vision:

As the premier leader in "direct farm to client flowers", we deliver the "world's most beautiful roses and flowers", to the US.

Our Values:

  • Our values are based on an uncompromising commitment to integrity.
  • We deliver only the highest quality of environmentally grown roses and flowers.
  • Our success is dependent on effective partnering with our farms and our clients.
  • We value long term strategies, not short term schemes.
  • We value our social responsibility.

We Embrace Our Corporate Responsibility to:

  • Delivery the world's best floral products
  • Support philanthropic activities
  • All of our actions seek to improve belief and trust in all our relationships.
  • Our Dream, One Vision, Ultimate Joy.