Farm direct to your loved ones in the USA

The world's most beautiful roses from Ecuador, delivered in 4-6 days

Ecuador USA Roses handles and ships your premium roses from Ecuador with "white glove" treatment. Only when your order is processed are your delicate roses cut for packing and shipping. After careful packing to insure your roses are protected from damage, your shipment goes into a cold chamber environment for pickup by FedEx. FedEx then transports in refrigerated trucks to the airport of departure. The roses remain in a cold chamber environment from cutting until delivery.

The Best Price

Delivery from our farm partners direct to the US insures the best possible prices for the most beautiful roses.

Our Roses Last Longer

Longer vase life because we ship direct from our farm partners to you.

Customer Support

Ecuador USA Roses follows your delicate shipment from cut day until deliver and provides updates along the way.

Exquisite Roses

Ecuador's unique location in combination with altitude and sun produce the world's most beautiful roses.


For the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday, we've temporarily increased all of our prices. However, if you want to have roses delivered on a date that falls OUTSIDE the range of January 23, 2018 to February 14, 2018, you can use coupon codes REGULARFRESH, REGULARTINTED and REGULARBOUQUET for fresh rose stems, tinted rose stems, or bouquets, respectively, to get their regular, non-Valentine's Day price!

Note that each coupon code only applies to its respective product. If you're unsure which to use, you may apply all three.

Happy Valentines Day!